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For my Pet Photography services please visit my second website!


Even if sharks and turtles are my favourite subjects, I also love taking pictures of different animals (human included!) and to create stunning videos.

Contact me and we can work together to create the perfect photoshoot for you! 

My availability will depend of my current location so check my  Instagram to know where I am for the moment and lets discuss how and where I can meet you to realise your project.*

*Travelling expenses might be charged depending of your location


Private photographer 

Are you planning to go on a trip and would love to have your private photographer with you to capture memories of a lifetime? Liveonboard, safaris, expedition, family holidays, private charter, etc. I’m happy to join any of your trips! On top of photography services I can also offer you and your group some photography/editing workshops (if that interest you) as well as sharing my knowledge about the ocean and the marine life.

Contact me and let’s discuss your project!


Underwater Photography

Snorkeling, diving, paddle-boarding, etc. Alone, with marine life or with family/friends, I'm happy to discuss any type of shooting you would like to realise!

This type of photoshoot will only be possible if we are close to water of course (ocean, lake, river, swimming pool, etc). Contact me and lets see how we could realise your project!



Anniversary, wedding, vow renewal, elopment, professional portrait, family reunion, etc. I am happy to discuss any photoshoot you have in mind!  


Pet photography

I am a big animal lover and I love all sort of animals! Contact me if you would like a photoshoot of you beloved dog, cat, rabbit, unicorn; whatever animal really ! I'm happy to take pictures of several animals at the same time or even you with your pet!



I can also help you to create some videos: Business promotion, product showcase, holidays, research project, etc. 

Have a look to my youtube channel and my instagram to have an idea of the videos I've been recently working on and contact me so we can discuss your project!

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Contact me with your project and we will discuss how we can realise it! 

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